CharlotteTobinFormer Dallas resident Charlotte Tobin recently began a new adventure in New York. We thought we’d check in with her to see how the move went and how she’s liking life in a northern town.

Gutsy Broads: So you’ve moved to the Big Apple … how is it so far?

Charlotte Tobin: Good! It has definitely been a huge transition and adjustment. I’m trying to give myself time to let it all sink in and really enjoy this hectic city and all it has to offer!

GB: What’s your occupation?

CT: Graphic designer of all things digital and print at a luxury carpet company. (Random, I know.)

GB: What do you miss most about Dallas?

CT: Being so close to my family and all my girlfriends, and I very much miss my puppy dog, Stella. Also, I miss the solace and comfort that can be derived from knowing a city’s ins and outs.

GB: What do you miss least about Dallas?

CT: I know I just mentioned the comfort of knowing a place, but I think than can contribute to predictability and stagnation, too. I love Dallas, but I needed to shake things up, discover new challenges, and be scared and unsure of myself in order to see what I am capable of. A favorite quote of mine is “By confronting fear to take gambles, you are empowered to make changes that lead to greater happiness.” I am hoping that happens to me.

GB: What are the major differences between living in Dallas and New York?

CT: Convenience. I feel like I am perpetually schlepping things from one place to the next. I have to uber restrain myself at Target because it’s no fun carrying upwards of five bags home. Also, space or, rather, the lack thereof, and the amount of people you encounter closely. In terms of living, in some ways I feel as though I have reverted back to college again, which is interesting for a person nearing 30.

GB: Do you ever see yourself returning to Dallas?

CT: I don’t know. Certainly to visit. I will always love Texas, but I feel as if it is too soon to tell what is next for me.

GB: What’s one thing you want people in New York to know about Dallas and/or Texas?

CT: Strong religious conviction and horses are generally not involved in one’s life on a daily basis.

GB: What’s one thing you want people in Dallas and/or Texas to know about New York?

CT: Although there is a lot of anonymity because of the vastness of the population, the little random acts of kindness you witness every day are inspiring and humbling.

GB: Anything else you’d like to say about living in Dallas vs. New York?

CT: It’s interesting because I feel as though I am more of a Texan now than when I lived in Texas. And while at some point in time I would have found country music tiresome, now it makes me nostalgic for home.



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