Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

At Gutsy Broads, we celebrate women with the courage to live by their own scripts — and we love the one Danielle Colby’s written for herself.

Colby, star of The History Channel’s American Pickers, has pieced together a career that works for her. According to this recent profile on, when she’s not appearing on the show, creating documentaries or running her own business, she’s working at her other job as a burlesque dancer. We love what she has to say about that:

“Burlesque is very important to the female community because it celebrates our history as women and also our future as women. Many women don’t appreciate their form because it doesn’t look like what they see on the front cover of a magazine. They feel ashamed of their bodies. I use burlesque to appreciate what I do have. The history of movement is beautiful.”

Colby expounds on what burlesque means to her in an interview with Iowa’s WQAD News 8:

“After burlesque, I just realized that there’s really no need for insecurity — it is a useless emotion in my world.”

Amen, sister.

Watch Colby in all her gutsy glory:

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