Are you sick of what you do for a living? Do you feel you’re destined for something greater but worry that you’re too old to start over again in a new field? That’s hogwash. Get some inspiration from these women, each of whom made a major career change after age 40.


“Finally, one day I asked myself, ‘why can’t I be a doctor?’ And Cathy replied, ‘I don’t know. Why can’t you? The only difference between you and the other doctors is that at the end of your life you’ll have practiced medicine ten years less than they have.’ “

Quoted from Ruth Lavigne on Becoming a Doctor at age 45



o-SUSAN-570“My first class has gone really well. There are six other 30-something women and the teacher is 30-something but I’m just so darn proud happy for being there and I’m proud of myself for just showing up. I haven’t been able to say that often enough in my life and it’s great.”

Quoted from Why This 62-Year-Old Woman Is Saying ‘Namaste’ To Yoga Teaching School


cockerton“For many women in their middle years, fostering two young children would be a significant accomplishment. For Judy Cockerton, it was the unexpected start of a venture that has changed the lives of dozens of children and developed into a unique model for foster care in the U.S.”

Quoted from Meet 4 women who found new careers later in life


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