The average female Japanese high school student spends seven hours a day on her mobile phone, according to a recent survey, and nearly 10 percent use their phones for at least 15 hours a day.

Fifteen hours!?! That’s an extraordinary number, and frankly hard to believe. Self-reported data is notoriously unreliable, so it’s good to keep that in mind before launching into a 2,000-word think piece on device addiction.

Still, for the sake of argument, let’s say the figure is accurate. And let’s just assume, also purely for the sake of argument, that these girls aren’t spending the bulk of their phone time using a Kindle app. How better could they use those hours? We came up with a list of screen-free things a high school girl — or any of us — could be doing instead of Snapchatting, texting and whatnot:

1. Exercise (maybe take a class)



2. Start a DIY project


3. Cook something new


4. Call your mom


5. Learn to code (here’s how)


6. Volunteer (find a great match)


7. Or, just a thought …


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