Texas woman

“Texas Panhandle, 1938” by Dorothea Lange

We asked Facebook users to name the bravest woman they know. Here’s one response:


y grandmother. She married her high school boyfriend soon after her husband (my grandfather) died from melanoma. Her new husband was diagnosed with cancer shortly after, but they got through it with good humor and faith. She has had bad shit happen to her as it does to everyone — that’s life, but she has never failed to see the beauty in everything, to meet each challenge with grace, and to express her love for others in every word and deed.

Her mother (my great grandmother) collected news articles about people overcoming horrible things in a ziplock bag that she carried around everywhere just to remind herself that she could do hard things. She had a good example. I think that’s brave — just putting up with the shit life hands you and meeting it with love no matter what.”


Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell of Tucson, Ariz.

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