How would you like to be one of the first humans to live on another planet? What if it meant never seeing your family again?

Sonia Van Meter, a political consultant, wife, stepmom, dog mom and Trekkie (and owner of the outstanding Twitter handle @bourbonface), writes in a Time piece titled Why I’m Volunteering to Die on Mars that she’s willing to make that sacrifice for the good of humanity. Van Meter is one of the finalists for the Mars One project, which says it plans to establish a settlement on the red planet by sending groups of four people there every two years, beginning in 2024.

“If we can look up from Earth and know that human beings are living on another planet, will we ever again be able to tell ourselves that there’s anything we can’t do?” she asks in the audition tape that landed her in the top 1,000 applicants for the Dutch nonprofit’s project.

“My purpose on this mission is to help people back on Earth to look up and realize there’s nothing we can’t accomplish if we simply make the decision to do it.”

Even if this thing ends up being a bunch of hooey — it is a rather grand undertaking, and 10 years isn’t much time to fund and plan an interstellar venture — I think that’s a lovely sentiment. And even if Van Meter’s courage wavers in the next decade, I’d say she’s definitely a gutsy broad for throwing her name in the hat.

Watch Van Meter’s full audition video below:


Read more about Van Meter’s gutsy decision in the piece she wrote for Time, Why I’m Volunteering to Die on Mars.

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