Pinterest, I’m a tad disappointed in you.

Gutsy Broads signed up for a Pinterest account today (yeah, yeah, yeah, “we” know “we’re” late to the parade). The social network forces new users to identify themselves as either female or male. “We” obviously went with the former.

And then appeared a screen that instructed “us” to follow five interests:


The first eight suggestions, only one of which isn’t stereotypically girly: Hairstyles. DIY home decor. Recipes. Fashion. DIY and home improvement. Makeup. Dresses. Braids.

Oh, Pinterest. Really?

I kept scrolling, and with each scroll found my blood pressure rising just a tad more:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.20.37 PM

Travel and inspirational quotes are fine, but where are cars, eh? Politics? Careers? Sports? Movies? Or, I don’t know, maybe books? Oh wait, there’s “books” — in the 31st spot.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.22.11 PM

“Gadgets” makes an appearance at No. 56. “Technology” at 64. “History” at 67.

You get my point.

Look, I know a lot of women like to look at pictures of hair and clothing — I certainly do on occasion. But that’s not the sum of our interests, Pinterest. WTF.


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  1. Holly

    I’ll admit my Pinterest page does skew heavily toward hair (have you met me?) but … you’re going to offer up Hairstyles AND Braids in the first 8 options?

    How about a simple question of “What are you planning to use this board for?” I started mine when I was wedding planning, for example. Tailor from THERE. Not “girl like dessert. Want be thin.”


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