“Does the Revenge Body Trend Empower Women — Or Not?” I’m so glad you asked, Yahoo.

Let’s go with “not.”

The fact that I didn’t need to look up “revenge body” to understand the gist of this story before reading it makes me deeply sad. The “trend” here is women dieting and busting their asses in the gym and showing off their results on social media. Apparently a couple of Kardashians are into it. Go figure.

As Yahoo points out, this is nothing new. It’s a major plot point in countless movies. And TV shows. We’re well acquainted with the idea. But now that we have social media, we can watch the drama unfold on our phones, one triumphant selfie at a time. “Spreading stunning pictures on social media accounts is a surefire way for people to be certain that their exes will see their new look,” according to Yahoo. Yippee. Woot.

And brands are taking full advantage.

Editor’s note: *GAG*

Women are conditioned to blame themselves when things go wrong, particularly in relationships. “He dumped me because I’m fat, ugly and wrinkled. I’ll get even with him by getting skinny and pretty, whatever it takes.”

Yeah, that’ll show him.

If he dumped you, is he really worth this much mental energy? No. Do you think he’s devoting even a fraction of this energy thinking about you? Does he look at your selfies and think, “Geez, she sure looks good. WHAT A FOOL I’VE BEEN AND NOW I CAN NEVER HAVE HER BACK.” No. He’s moved on. He’s probably out on a Tinder date right now. Trust me.

I’m all for women eating healthfully and exercising to improve their minds and bodies. But not if they’re doing it because some guy rejected them. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”null” suffix=””]Anything women do for the sake of or to spite men is the opposite of empowerment. Period.[/inlinetweet]