By Sadie Wood (Age 11)

I feel that Claire is viewed very negatively by many people, when really they are just looking at the stuff that she didn’t do as opposed to the stuff that she did do.

People say that Claire Dearing was a weak character because she didn’t have sneakers or a proper adventuring outfit while they were going to save Gray and Zach. This is unfair because she’s not actually given access to these kinds of clothes. People have made fun of her and made videos of her high heels breaking while she is running from the Tyrannosaurus rex with the flare … and the T. rex eats her.

While these videos are funny, they are all in all mean and disrespectful to the brave and dangerous thing that she did. Guiding the T. rex to the Indominus rex with a flare was a very brave thing to do. It’s something that not many people would do.

It was her idea and she risked her life to save not only her nephews but also Owen Grady, who had been kind of a jerk.

Claire is seen as uptight and as a woman who needs a man to guide her. Personally, I think that Claire is actually very strong. No matter how many times Owen Grady says, “You can’t come with me on this mission to save Gray and Zach,” Claire protests and says it is her job because they are her nephews.

People think that at first she didn’t care about family, but she did! It’s so obvious that she did. When she sees Gray and Zach she runs up and gives them a gigantic hug and smiles. If she didn’t actually care, then she definitely wouldn’t have looked like she was enjoying a hug from the nephews she hadn’t seen in many years.

Another thing that people tend to overlook is the fact that she is a working woman and not a paleontologist like women have been in previous Jurassic Park movies. How she would act in situations with dinosaurs would naturally be different because she works in an office instead of in the field with the animals.

In conclusion, everyone should take another look at Claire. From my point of view as an 11-year-old, Claire was almost a role model type person. I say almost because I want to be an animator when I grow up, but people who maybe want to work as theme park directors should look up to this brave, and overall, gusty broad.

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  1. Christy Robinson

    While I just about hate how the movie made Claire into a silly parody who’s not in on the joke, I think Miss Sadie has a solid point: “How she would act in situations with dinosaurs would naturally be different because she works in an office instead of in the field with the animals.” Very fair.


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