[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he last few weeks have been incredible for me, Gutsy Broads-ily speaking, and tonight I’m pausing to reflect on how far this site has come and express my gratitude for the women and men who are helping make it a success.

My friends and family regularly share stories with me to feature either here or on our Facebook page. I love that the notion of gutsy broads is interesting enough for them to do so. I love discovering their definition of gutsy broad. I love that they’ve alerted me to so many phenomenal accounts of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

As admirable as the strangers who grace this website are to me, my personal connections are at least as inspiring. Though perhaps they don’t know it, these friends, family members and colleagues motivated me to create the site in the first place. By some great stroke of luck, life has introduced me to women of inordinate strength, talent, poise and bravery. People like:

I’m so happy to celebrate them here. Literally every woman I know has done at least one courageous thing that should make her feel proud, and I hope to share more of their stories in the months and years to come.

The Sound of Music features a beautiful song that often comes to mind when I’m feeling grateful. It’s a love song, but I find it applicable in other aspects of life, too. When I consider the wonderful, kind and generous people who choose to be in my life, despite my many flaws, I figure I must have done something good.



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