Geena Davis, Hollywood activist and archery muse, has taken the film industry to task again for the dearth of good roles it offers women.

Last week she told the Global Symposium on Gender in Media: “I want reaching parity in films to seem fun and easy and creative. Give female characters more to do, more to say, greater aspirations … give them more clothes.”


Davis specifically cited casting decisions’ impact on future generations:

“We are unwittingly training generation after generation to see men and women as unequal. We need to dramatically change the way women are depicted to children aged 11 and under.”

I agree with Davis. Most of the hit movies I watched as a girl that featured an admirable — smart, brave, talented, clever, hilarious, sexy — lead character had a male actor in that role. This got me thinking: What would these movies have been like with a female lead instead? Would more people in my generation be feminists? Fair-minded hiring managers? My next step, obviously, was to launch Photoshop.

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Back to the Future


The Karate Kid


Real Genius


Or, if you prefer …


Say Anything


Lisa Bonet as Lloyd (Lloydina, perhaps) Dobler? Hawt. Hawt, I say!

What have I left off the list? And whom should we cast as Ferris Bueller, who, though he may be a sociopath, surely has a place in the 1980s movie pantheon. Tell me in the comments.

Source: Geena Davis Talks Sexism at Global Symposium on Gender in Media | Variety