Two years into her tenure as General Motors CEO, Mary Barra says the novelty of her being a woman has worn off.

Barra, who has endured sexist questioning from the press — about her ability to be both a CEO and a mom, for example — tells Yahoo Autos that she never considered her status at GM particularly remarkable:

“I never want to get a job because I’m female,” she said. “I want to get it because I earned it and I deserve it … Whether my hair is going to be blue or purple, people should be judged on how well they do the job and deliver results and whether they do it the right way. That’s how I like to be judged, most people are like that.”

However, she now has begun to see that her position in a male-dominated field inspires other women. Per Yahoo:

Recently at a GM town hall meeting, an engineer came up to her and thanked her for being in her role because it meant his 1-year-old daughter would never live in a world where having a woman CEO of an automaker would be considered newsworthy.

Source: GM CEO Mary Barra ‘Missed’ Importance Of Being A Woman

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