This story from Runner’s World about Kim Stemple is incredible.

Stemple, who was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease in 2009, vowed to run the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon in honor of her husband, Jim. Not only did she finish the race, she did so in 4 hours and 15 minutes — a two-minute personal record. 

Kim Stemple didn’t want this story to be about her. She was wearing a blue singlet, still on her feet after finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in late October, when she made the request. She was holding a finisher’s medal from another race with a note etched in permanent marker on the ribbon. It would go to a doctor or a sick patient or a veteran—someone, 51-year-old Stemple said, who needed recognition but was not able to finish a race.

Source: Woman with Terminal Illness Runs Her Last Marathon | Runner’s World

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