Being brave isn’t always easy, so sometimes a little inspiration from others is in order.

Our friends at Real Simple have rounded up advice from eight gutsy broads. Among them: our favorite firefighter-turned-author, Caroline Paul!

Paul, whom you might remember is an outdoor adventurer and milk-carton-boat-builder, suggests that in fear-inducing moments, readers give the other feelings that arise along with trepidation — exhilaration, for example — their due. Don’t let fear steal the show, basically. “People think I’m against fear,” she says. “I’m not. I’m just pro-bravery.”


Read the rest of the piece, and if you feel so inclined, tell us in the comments what steps you take to be brave.

Advice from a former firefighter, an Ebola researcher, the creator of the movie Brave, and more.

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Source: How to Be Brave, According to 8 Insanely Courageous Women | Real Simple

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