What would happen if global financial markets collapsed and food scarcity became a real concern for cities across America? If you ask Christine Patton, we might be OK — with a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of hard work and collaboration.

Christine, an Oklahoma City-based writer and community leader, envisions this scenario in her new novel, “Seed.”

Now, Christine and I go way, way back — back to our childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even then, she displayed a sharp intellect and vast imagination. I remember one day when we were in the 5th grade. We were hanging out in her room, surrounded by her huge and varied collection of books, when her eyes lit up: “Let’s make a world!” she said. So for the next however many hours, that’s precisely what we did, imagining all of the components that might go into creating a brand new world (I say “we,” but really this was mostly me listening in admiration).

Fast forward to now, and Christine is still focused on the new, and the better. Formerly a corporate consultant, she turned away from that life to help people, particularly pregnant women, as a massage therapist. Today she splits her time between massage therapy, volunteering and serving as Park Commissioner for Oklahoma City. And now, she’s added novelist to the list. On this episode of The Gutsy Broadcast,  she and I talk about “Seed,” its roster of gutsy characters, and much more!