Photo of a woman at an airport by Flickr user Hernán Piñera

An Ode To Women Who Choose Plan B

"To jumping tracks,” I said thinking of the women we are now, so far from where we ever expected to be, and enjoying it so much.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Even

What do you do when the boss is a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot? You could quit in desperation. You could stay put, despite being miserable, bitter and seething. Or, you could craft a plan to m...

The Only Reason You Need To Quit Your Job

A lot of people dream of quitting their miserable 9-to-5 gig but can't muster the nerve. Maybe their pay is excellent. Maybe the job market is too shaky. Maybe they don't have something else lined up. Sarah Kni...

The Life Robotic

For Fetch Robotics' CEO, corporate America wasn't big enough.

Gutsy World War II Pilot Returns To Flight At Age 92

My dear friend Sean* alerted me to today to this story about a 92-year-old pilot who recently returned to the skies in honor of VE Day. It's gutsy enough to become a female pilot back then -- gutsier still t...