Several years ago I took a huge risk that changed my life forever.

In spring 2007, I quit my job, packed up my cat and computer and flew across the country to make a new life for myself in New York, a city where I had no friends, no professional leads and no real idea where to find either. My mantra at the time was “Why the hell not?” though privately I wondered if I would regret my choice.

GustyBroadsLogoThankfully, it didn’t take too long to get acclimated. I took a gig on Wall Street, and thus began several years in business news. I learned the ins and outs of digital editing, developed a thicker skin and became a manager for the first time. I also happened to meet a wonderful man whom I married several years later.

Eventually it became necessary to move back to Texas, and my experience in New York most definitely helped me find employment. I count my blessings daily that I was able to return to this great state.

So far, life’s worked out pretty darned well, but what if I hadn’t taken that leap seven years ago? Would my life be as fulfilling? Would I be happily married? Would I still be working nights on a newspaper copy desk? I don’t know. What I do know: I’d have fewer stories to tell.

Rarely in adulthood do opportunities for adventure spring up spontaneously. We march to a steady drumbeat of alarm clocks, car pools and meetings. Routine, while necessary, is the great stifler — of creativity, inspiration, romance … all of the things necessary for a full and successful life. Gutsy Broads wants to kick routine in the gut.

And so, I give you The Gutsy Broads Challenge. Every month, we’ll challenge you to do something courageous: ask for a promotion, confront a thorn in our sides, try a new hobby, ask someone out on a date, take a style risk you’ve always been too cautious to attempt  —  and report back to us. Who wants to go first?


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Take An Out-Of-The-Ordinary Exercise Class